At Southern Reflux Center, we specialize in reflux and GERD. We do not simply treat your symptoms, we search for the cause of them and offer practical treatments and solutions. With our full menu of diagnostic testing and treatment options, we offer patients who come from around the world to find relief from their symptoms of GERD. At Southern Reflux Center, our skilled physicians know that your chronic has a much greater impact on your health and quality of life than just suffering from painful symptoms. Without proper management and effective treatment, your reflux can lead to greater health problems. We use the latest in reflux identification and management technology and techniques.

Join us in today’s post as we review just a few other services we offer to help yield the best outcomes for our patients. Not all of these procedures may benefit you; your specialist will review what is best for you at your evaluation appointment. And, as the practice of GERD management advances, this list may change, so if you suffer from chronic reflux, contact us to schedule an evaluation and find out how we can help you find relief today.

Diagnostic Testing

The first step to formulating an effective treatment plan for your chronic reflux symptoms is to identify exactly what is causing your symptoms. Reflux is not a one-problem-effects-all condition. In the majority of cases of GERD, a weak lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is to blame, but we do not just assume. Diagnostic testing is important to identifying the actual cause of your symptoms as well as collecting evidence of the extent of damage done to ensure you do not have any other conditions or complications that are causing or are the result of your reflux.

Bravo pH Testing

pH testing with the Bravo™ reflux monitoring system is an innovative diagnostic tool that allows your physician to evaluate your symptoms outside of the clinic. This helps to better gauge the frequency and intensity of reflux in your normal setting. Bravo pH monitoring allows for up to 96-hours of continuous reflux monitoring, allowing your physician to detect reflux and the effectiveness of medications prior to altering management plans. For more information about this technology, read here.

ResTech Nasopharyngeal pH Monitoring Device

The nasopharyngeal pH monitoring device from ResTech is a small probe that is inserted into the esophagus for continuous pH monitoring, The device probe is inserted on a very thin tube through the nose. It is so small and flexible that it does not cause any discomfort in most patients and can be worn as the patient goes about their normal routine, including eating and drinking. The probe transmits important diagnostic information that will help your physician evaluate the severity of your symptoms and the correlation to activity and intake. For more information about the device, read here.

Esophageal Motility and Impedance Studies/ Manometry

Esophageal motility and impedance studies are conducted to test whether your esophagus is working properly and determine whether or not your reflux symptoms are due to an esophageal disorder. These studies will measure esophageal muscle contractions in the esophagus that help you swallow. Manometry can measure if, or how well, your sphincters are working as well as the pressure, strength, and wave of muscle contractions. These studies can help identify esophageal disorders that include diffuse esophageal spasm, achalasia, and scleroderma, none of which prescription medications can resolve.


Endoscopy is a non-surgical procedure that is used to evaluate the digestive tract. While this procedure can be used to visualize and diagnose a wide variety of digestive disorders, an upper endoscopy is a very useful tool in managing GERD. An endoscopy uses a flexible tube with a camera attached to it, allowing your doctor to view your mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach. These images can provide evidence of GERD as well as any damage that has been done, including ulcers, scar tissue buildup, cell changes, or growths.

Narrow Band Imaging

Narrow band imaging is a superior imaging technology that enhances traditional endoscopy capabilities. The improved technology allows for a greater viewable distance and helps distinguish between healthy and damaged tissue. It works by filtering the white light to highlight damaged areas. Narrow band imaging can help identify Barrett’s syndrome and other tissue damage. It is likely that narrow band imaging will be used in conjunction with traditional endoscopy to give your provider the whole picture.

WATS 3D Biopsy

WATS 3D biopsy is an advanced cancer detection screening method. A special brush is used to collect cell samples from the esophagus. The cells are then run through a specialized imaging system that is equipped to detect precancerous cells that are virtually undetectable by other modalities. This allows the pathologist to make a better diagnosis and treat cancer quicker. The WATS 3D system yields earlier diagnosis and better patient outcomes. For more information about this powerful technology, read here.

Treatment Options

Once your reflux has been identified and the root source of your symptoms have been detected, your physician at Southern Reflux Center can then proceed with offering realistic treatment options that offer better outcomes for your specific condition. Treatment and GERD management options will vary based on the cause of your symptoms as well as any existing damage.

LINX System Placement

The LINX system is a magnetic sphincter device that is laparoscopically placed. The tiny titanium beads are held together by powerful magnets to act as a lower esophageal sphincter (LES). The LINX is a very effective treatment option for those who suffer from reflux as a result of a weak LES. The LINX system keeps food and gastric contents in your stomach to prevent damage to your esophagus, and effectively eliminates reflux symptoms. To learn more about this revolutionary treatment options, read here.

Your treatment options may vary based on the results of diagnostic testing results. Your physician will discuss your individual treatment plan with you and help you make informed decisions that will result in the best possible outcome.

At Southern Reflux Center, we specialize in all things reflux. If you suffer from chronic reflux or GERD, we can help you find relief from your symptoms, without the long-term use of medications. Contact our reflux center to schedule an evaluation and discover a life without acid reflux.