What is reflux?

Simply put, reflux is when stomach acids and bile flow backward into your esophagus. This happens due to problems with the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), a muscle that’s at the juncture of your esophagus and stomach. It allows fluids and food to pass into your stomach. When the LES is weakened, reflux occurs.

Is reflux common?

Somewhat. It’s estimated that 40 percent of American adults experience some degree of reflux.

How is reflux treated?

Previously, numerous treatment methods such as antacid medication and surgery have been used to treat symptoms. Only 40 percent of patients experienced elimination of symptoms, while the remaining 60 percent experienced no improvement. Now, the LINX Reflux Management System is available for successful treatment.

What is the LINX System?

The LINX System is a highly effective procedure that utilizes a tiny and flexible band of magnets enclosed within titanium beads. The LINX System is surgically placed around the esophagus. The magnetism between the beads keeps the weak LES closed and prevents reflux from taking place. The magnetic bonds are temporarily broken each time that you swallow, allowing the safe passage of fluids and food into the stomach. Afterward, the magnetic attraction re-closes the LES and continues to reinforce the barrier against reflux.

The surgical procedure is conducted at our treatment center, is minimally invasive, and only takes an hour. The LINX beads begin to work immediately after surgery.

When can I eat normally again?

You’re encouraged to return to your regular diet as quickly as possible. This helps your body adapt quickly to the LINX System.

When can I return to normal physical activities?

As with any surgical procedure, you should consult your doctor regarding post-operative care. Usually, you can return to your normal routine after a few days.

Will the beads in the LINX System set off metal detectors?

The titanium beads should not set off metal detectors. However, you will be provided with an implant card to have available in case an issue arises.

When will the magnets wear out?

The LINX System utilizes permanent magnets that are designed to never wear out.

Is it safe to have an MRI test after receiving the LINX System?

There are two versions of LINX System available. One is safe in MRI scanning machines up to 0.7 Tesla (T), while the other is safe to 1.5 Tesla (T). Prior to treatment with the LINX System, discuss the MRI scanning options with your doctor.